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Virtual Reality killer app manifesto

By VRLD posted December 21, 2016

1. Single world

High population density.

It must be a metaverse – a full-fledged seamless virtual world. For the complete operation of many systems, which algorithms have been adjusted to analyze big data, this world must be quite densely populated. It is necessary to create a true long-term virtual universe, not just a party place for friends among dinosaurs or creepers. However, the users must have their private space as well.

2. Photorealistic graphics

True immersion.

VR literally transfers you to a different reality. Even if you could treat a low-polygonal character on a flat screen normally, would you want to be him? Not many want to live in this world, which is full of acid colors and soapy textures. Modern 3D graphics allow us to create landscapes of unbelievable beauty, which one cannot see in real life. So, why not to use that? The users will be able to travel and to search for unique corners of this new world.

3. Built-in editor


Virtual world must be a platform for fulfilling a need in creativity. The users should have the opportunity to alter the environment, to place objects, and to edit and program by means of scripts. No company will have enough resources to create a brand new world with actual content but it is possible to do this with the potential of 50 million digital content creators.

20 mandatory parameters that must have a VR killer app in 2017

4. Popular and simple engine

Integration with other projects.

Mod-community has a giant potential and incredible imagination. The easier the entry threshold is, the more moders will focus on creating useful content and not on fighting the language syntax. Game and app developers will be able to use the world as a platform for their groundworks.

5. Main town

Education, global events, place to live in community.

New users are like kids, they should receive sophisticated education and adapt to the new surrounding and rules. The core VR hub must combine several functional public areas and a private space for each user. The basic city is a place for conducting meetings and large-scale events (sport and music ones). It also maintains a high level of population density in order to make social contacts saturated and efficient. 

6. Native minimalistic 3D interface

Usability, simplicity.

When you want to pick up any object in the real world you use your hand but for decades we have had to point the cursor and press “E” or click. While we have not completely shifted to invisible conversational interfaces, the newest developments in the sphere of VR interfaces allow us to interact both with 3D objects and 2D abstractions, requiring only minimal efforts. 

7. Support and default shipping for all hi-end HMDs and inputs


All developers should be given equal conditions on the software market; an operating model of the world can be created only through uniting efforts. It is impossible to imagine a PC without an operating system. Also, VR devices are an interface for accessing a universal metaverse. 

8. Common project goal 

Participation and meaning of life

The project’s goal is to create appropriate tools and to build a metaverse full of life. Imagine that your users are settlers colonizing a new planet. All efforts in prior tasks should be united in order that these inhabitants don’t perish. 

3D interface buttons by Leap Motion
VR Interface Design and the Future of Hybrid Reality, Leap Motion

9. P2P

Fast environment loading.

The major traffic will be the objects of the virtual world. In a seamless world it is unknown what route a user will choose, so the objects should be hot loaded. And, of course, it will be cheaper to do so through a neighbor server than via the central one in Zurich.

10. Free access

Non-profit project.

Everyone should experience benefits of the virtual world and then decide what they want to do there. The access provision to VR is mostly a social project, which should be self-repaid, but it will develop only if every user has the opportunity to invent something creative for free.

11. Global rating system

Incentive for developing a creative potential and world growth.

Any action aimed at developing the virtual world must be estimated objectively. While accomplishing high-priority tasks, a user should receive some benefits along with gratitude. 

12. Independence from global currencies and governments

Less influence of the real world and conservative generation.

In order not to start a war for independence in 155 years’ time, it is necessary to be independent now, to use global infrastructure and a separate currency.

13. OS file access

Smooth transition from 2D to 3D content.

The emulation of the virtual universe will require high server capacity, despite using Level Streaming, LOD or other optimizations. The core system files should be maintained in identical conditions on all user computers in order to avoid external attacks and attempts to hack the system.
Nodes in the IPFS network form a distributed file system.


Protection from any attacks.

The emulation of the virtual universe will require high server capacity, despite using Level Streaming, LOD or other optimizations. The core system files should be maintained in identical conditions on all user computers in order to avoid external attacks and attempts to hack the system.

15. User objects importing

World diversity.

The users will maintain the diversity of the world by themselves if they have an opportunity to load their own models. But it is necessary not to forget about moderation. The rules must be strict: rewards for the high-quality content and punishment for the forbidden content.

16. Identity verification

Self-moderation. Valuable data protection.

To protect valuable data, the users will be partly deprived of their anonymity. It is essential to understand that any actions in VR lead to consequences identical to real-life ones. There are several great books written on this issue.

17. Community governance

Collective decision-making. Targeted taxation.

Voting on the main questions is mandatory while managing a community or the platform as a whole. We wish to construct a democratic society, right? Project development can be directed, for example, by business domain owners or premium users. Every time they pay, they can choose where the money will go to.

18. Full-function internet browser

Fast access to information.

The knowledge, accumulated by humankind will be widely used as the basis for further innovative developments. But rest and entertainment should not be forgotten either.

19. Wide-ranging implementation of automation

 High quality of life.

In our ordinary life, a lot is not accessible to us due to physical laws, so we have to use multiple additional devices. In VR, everything is possible. If most routine processes are moved there, we will get a high-quality acceleration of life.

20. Sci-fi orientation, future technologies


The style of interfaces, or the atmosphere must inspire users to create unique innovative content. Entertainment is just a part of the tasks solved by VR.