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We are on Kickstarter!

By VRLD posted January 25, 2017

Today we are proud to announce that our project will show up for the first time on kickstarter 1st Feb. Our page has been approved and now we only need your support! We had a long way to go from just a thought, from a pure idea to thousands of written words, expressing our vision. We have obtained invaluable experience in launching an international startup. We felt in our bones how outdated the current system is and how desperately the world needs freedom of entrepreneurship and self-expression. We hope that our challenge will echo in your hearts and you will help us to create a unique platform for the common good.

VRLD is a prototype of the future society - virtual reality realization which major goal is to check out a new social ideology. In our project we research how people can benefit from the widespread use of IT technologies, automation and statistics.

We are planning to create a virtual universe, based on a new philosophy. We offer to replace the outdated liberal system to cybersocialism, and it should be done without any ideological pressure, but in terms of economics and politics.

VRLD is a virtual world contributing to satisfy fundamental human needs, especially creation. It consists of common space and necessary tools to alter the environment and interact with it. Based on MMO principles and Unreal Engine 4, this metaverse includes universal ownership system, self-tuning economic model, unique security and database system.

Our team of software engineers has defined the purpose to check the necessity of putting this theory into practice via crowdfunding on kickstarter in order to carry out a global social scientific experiment. The campaign starts 1st Feb and we would be glad if you could publish some info about this project on 1st Feb in order to inform more people who would be able to vote.