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Introduction to the VRLD

By VRLD posted December 21, 2016

VR technology is the result of a subsequent development of the entertainment industry and computer technologies. Contemporary HMDs transfer us to incredible worlds, where everything is possible. Any of our wildest fantasies, described by fantastic physical or mathematic laws, are imposed on the effect of presence and lead to an unforgettable emotional outburst. In a current iteration of VR devices, some basic technical obstacles have been eliminated, such as lowering delay and increasing resolution to a sufficient level.

VRLD is a software, based on a long-term history and fantasies of millions of people all over the globe. It’s a full-fledged virtual world, existing alongside with our customary universe. Each person who has a powerful PC can transfer there and experience the full strength of a human thought. But the owners of Oculus, Vive, or Sony VR will obtain a truly amazing experience, because the main content will be designed specially for them. You will find yourself in an infinite seamless world, created automatically via UE4 and equipped by thousands of people, whose highest goals are creation and granting their art to the world.

All users will get acquainted with VRLD by creating an interior of their own house (domain), which can be whatever, from a medieval castle, to a spaceship, or a crystal cave. Lazy-bones will find a nice bonus — full projection of their documents and multimedia files to VR. Take a book from a just-placed shelf and read it laying on a sandy beach under a palm. Or invite a few friends to watch a movie, thrown to any surface. Or turn on your favorite IDE and finally finish your code to make it work.

VR city is central hub for education and adaptation

Don’t be afraid of getting lost in a new world of possibilities; you will be assisted by the main Tool of this world — the interface, special Jarvice for VR. You will be able to keep in touch with your friends, to have a full-function browser, a possibility to send feedback instantly to our team and, of course, a construction section. You can even use your own models! To do so, you should download them provisionally to the portal, then define the access level and that is how they will be available in your interface. A flexible system of access to your domain will let you even found a designer studio, not being afraid of any potential leak, at the same time offering your clients awesome presentations with a full immersion. But don’t be afraid of commercial dominance like in a bloodcurdling episode of Futurama. We won’t let this happen!

Nowadays journeys to the most unbelievable corners of the universe are possible due to the system of a free content placement and a level import to the VRLD platform. Imagine a global theme park with an entrance ticket at the price of 1 dollar, or a cozy house for two people on the bank of a solitary lake, accompanied by music of a small waterfall. Now any ideas are real to accomplish and easy to achieve. Build the best city in the world, set up a mind numbing open-air for every user of VR, or make your neighbors happy by decorating the entire street in your favorite style. Thanks to a procedural landscape creation, you can simply enjoy pristine nature or get some unique shots of contemporary photorealistic 3D graphics to remember, or maybe organize some tours for the nature-lovers with a fire, songs, and stories under a sky full of stars.

There are no more inconveniences of the modern world. A net of portals replaces public transport; levitation is not accessible for everybody, but we are not trying to shift to a bird lifestyle, right? VRLD allows you to cut business expenses, to get automation, and full control over work processes. Everyone can start business in an intellectual field and having done that, even integrate accounting into a digital universe. Why not to pay the employees for the time they actually work and give them a chance to save up spare time for hobbies and rest? You may implement any ideas in how your business should operate and it’s possible to abstract from any outer financial systems. Even a conservative manufacturing sector will acquire a powerful tool for analyzing and collecting any data and statistics.

Global rating in VRLD is a limited and powerful incentive for developing a creative potential for any user. Do you want to participate in a social project at a responsible position, to receive special offers at a trading site, and to visit various events for free? All you need to do is just to help constructing a brand new world, to be an active user, or to take part in weekly competitions and events. Builders, discoverers, and entrepreneurs of the new world will be always appreciated! It’s also obvious that any destructive activity will influence your rating negatively and the craziest guys will reside in legendary ghost-cities where no laws and moderation can be found.

What can make you leave a wonderland full of adventures, put off having fun, and get distracted from your beloved job? We all should definitely take care of our body, and we strongly recommend you to do it on time. Also, do not forget about having an active lifestyle, well-balanced nutrition, and sufficient sleep. That is why by default, VRLD will have a user health monitor turned on, and we are confident that in the future, alongside with technological development, this process will be even more optimized. With the spread of robotics and the Internet-of-things, the system will be equipped with a remote device-management in real space, so the solution of minor tasks will be available right from VR interface.

Who would you like to be; what would you like to do? All your fantasies are already being fulfilled in the VRLD VR.