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How to start a Kickstarter campaign if you are not a resident of the whitelist country

By VRLD posted January 27, 2017

1) You’d better know English well, because you have to interact with different US representatives personally. 

2) Open an LLC in the USA. Wyoming or Delaware offer to establish a company at a reasonable price in their states via special registered agents that can be found either on the official state websites or on Google.

3) Get your EIN. The alternative to SSN is EIN – an Employer Identification Number (EIN), also known as a Federal Tax Identification Number, which is used to identify a business entity. To get the EIN you'll need to make a call to the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) and do some homework:

  • Download the form and fill it in beforehand.
  • Call the IRS (number – (800) 829-4933) and say that you need an EIN. They will ask you to send the form by fax, but just say that you do not have a fax machine and would like to do it by phone.
  • The operator will ask you to have the form on hand and dictate fields.

In 10 minutes you'll have an EIN number which also will be sent to you by mail (in your home country).

4) Sign up on KS with your email.

5) Proceed to account verification and use your LLC name and EIN. In the second part of verification use your EIN, or SSN (some sources state that 99999999 could work as well), or ITIN (which also could be received on by all foreigners). As your residence address you can use your registered agent’s one which is written in your LLC docs. Kickstarter doesn’t really care if are truly a US resident. The only thing they need is to have your legal US related data.

9 steps to start Kickstarter campaign for non-resident

6) Open your personal bank account. It’s much easier than to receive a business bank account which is not mandatory for an LLC. 

    a. You may come to the US in person and visit any branch of any major banks (it’s better to ask in advance what documents they need).

    b. You may ask some special companies to help you. Usually they offer all-in package and rarely open only bank accounts. We had been searching a lot because option “a” was not available for us and we already had an LLC. So finally we found these guys who helped us to open only a bank account on very profitable terms:

    c. If you are planning to have an accountant in your LLC then just hire him and ask to open a business bank account (but it will be in his name).

7) Don’t forget to fund your bank account with wire transfer (check SWIFT or ABA code with your bank) or an e-check (if available in your country).

8) Enter your bank account details (routing number and account number). 

9) Fill up your page and submit for review.

Check out our campaign and hope we help you to start your own!.