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How Virtual Reality solves last tech problem

By VRLD posted December 13, 2016

Our planet has no targets for pioneer travelers, no true Terra nullius. Cosmic era is still a matter of time; colonization of various planets is only a dim prospect, and even a notorious warp-engine invention is yet doubtful. It seems as if human desire and eagerness to explore and expand new territories will never be satisfied. However, even nowadays we can create artificial worlds and visualize them by means of computer technologies. For getting an access to these worlds, we use diverse displays, even a book can be considered as some sort of interface to get into a virtual world. Yet, the best choice is, no doubt - VR headset or Head-Mounted Display (HMD).

Parallel universe, another dimension, different world. It is identic to the real one in variety and unpredictability but lacking any physical and legal restrictions…

VR is a new boundless space for jorney

Everyone has heard of Virtual Reality letting you reach an incredible level of immersion either while watching a full 360 movie or gaming, but we want to point out another upside. The developed countries residents spend most of their day dealing with high-tech products, including the Internet. This trend resulted in eliminating space and time boundaries and giving us an access to any information.

We can swiftly drag the world to our screen via browser but only VR can teleport us into the world. 

VR solves the last tech problem - fast user presence traveling. It is especially vital and actual for the countries with a low population density and poor infrastructure. We get stuck in traffic jams or commute 2 hours a day to work by any means of transport or even waste weeks on business trips. Try to think how much time people spend only in order to transfer their body from one spot to another. The worst part is that the overwhelming majority of people still need to do this.

The key motivation for people to relocate is due to work process, which should be carried out in order to satisfy their biological needs. The other ones can be partly complied on the Internet; a bunch of apps is being used for that. So, what if these apps and a possibility to work are united in one? What if we get an opportunity to establish buildings and interiors using our personal models in a seamless 3D reality for free? And it won’t be a more complex task than fortifying a settlement in Fallout 4. What if you, as a VR developer, won’t face a problem of compatibility, management and distribution of your content any more? What if you, as a user, will acquire a 3D operating system and get a possibility of spending most of your day in VR, both working and chilling out?

In our opinion it’s high time to launch a global project of a virtual universe, which will turn into a platform for all VR and game industry groundworks as a whole. Any PC user can become a participant of the greatest social experiment of the 21st century, but the owners of headsets will obtain a truly amazing experience. You will face unlimited opportunities in creating, setting up any events, exploring the most unbelievable worlds. Any intellectual activity becomes easier in an imaginary virtual universe, which operates on its own rules and has a total automation of routine processes. At the same time, you still have an access to all files, apps and social media.

The first who becomes a participant of a new technological breakthrough will receive a striking tool to accelerate life.