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VRLD is a true virtual reality — a seamless online 3D world, being created using Unreal Engine 4, where a user is able to carry out any everyday stuff, work, entertainment, etc. It is a platform aimed at uniting groundwork of VR and IT industry as a whole. Users can create any content in the VRLD and fill it up with basic, shared, and personal objects. At the same time, a user still has access to all local files, apps, and social media contacts.

What can you possibly do in VRLD? The answer is simple — the same what you usually do in your real everyday life, like: studying, exploring and traveling, working, creating, comprehending, sharing emotions, making friends, and interacting with people, taking part in cultural events and parties, conducting business activity, researching.

VR technology is a life accelerator of the twenty-first century, which gives us an effect of presence, a perception of being involved in process. Nowadays VRLD allows any PC user to become a participant of a great social experiment for free, but those who possess HMD will achieve a truly amazing experience.

 According to the data provided by CCS Insight, more than 12 million VR headsets will be sold in 2017, although, there is no essential content yet. Any of you can already become a partner of the platform, introduce and distribute any software at the most profitable conditions. Any intellectual activity becomes easier in VRLD universe, which operates on its own rules and on the principle of total automation of routines processes.

VR explosive growth


What is VRLD all about?
Allows you to build VR city of future

VR Constructor

Feels Ironman, man

World construction requires a high level of expenses and it is connected with a complexity of following the general architecture. No world-wide company is able to establish a brand new world. But we can create a simple in use and intuitive interface-tool for everybody. Try to recall how easily Tony Stark managed to deal with stuff. So, we provide similar possibilities for both “mere mortals” and superheroes. It means you can make and place public or private objects anywhere you wish by the wave of your hand. This is even easier than to build a settlement in Fallout 4. You are constrained only by your own imagination frameworks and since we unite all community efforts, step by step, VRLD will be created!

Private VR space, 3D OS and social

VR Home

Look at my home, my home is amazing!

Every user has his private space in a shared VR, where the access is possible only for the trusted visitors. This space is your own domain, you may choose whatever household you wish to inhabit. Your home is an ideal place for private meetings, hanging out with friends, and parties. You can get through your social network page right from the top of your castle or view your favorite TV series in a movie room of your own spaceship, floating over the atmosphere of the planet Pandora. What object in your living room can become the most popular and essential: an interactive app desk or an e-bookcase – it’s up to you to decide. Sounds like a 3D operating system? Oh, yeah.

Virtual business, free online office

VR Office

Sorry, I'm late! My wife was searching for a pancake recipe

Except for spare, public and private domains, there exist virtual offices, which any user can create for himself or a group of users. Workbench is available for an expanded account and monitors: operating time, work procedure, basic accounting. Additionally you can use any app you consider to be appropriate and needed, especially those, which interface is adapted to VR. Virtual office is a private domain for a group of users with additional functions: file sharing, whiteboard, cloud storage, screen capture with subsequent projection to any surrounding surface, advanced voice communication (groups, audibility range adjustment).

Simple blueprint add-in for VRLD objects


This is all much more exciting than domestic life, I assure you!

How to bring life to surrounding objects, to make them move and function? Yes, it’s programming, but we make this process fun and simple. A simple script can be written even by a schoolboy and a bit more complicated script turns out to be just a number of simple ones. Our community will permanently expand the database, so you will be able to find the answer to any question and create scripts at any level of complexity, as you desire. Scripts are a good way to try your strength before generating separate modules for VRLD. They can assist you in your attempt to create, for instance, your own robot-butler meeting your guests, an animated installation in a public zone or a hot-air balloon.

VR platform and marketplace

Third-party integration

Will we get stuck at Green Bot?

VRLD is focused on giving all indie-developers an area where they will be able to deploy their software, and there are two ways possible for making it happen. First, imagine a Tool measuring every user’s step, subsequently collecting useful data about his actions, intentions, and even subconscious motives; a giant analytic machine, assisting a surveillant in filtering not only unwanted information but, literally, the environment itself. 
The second option is through popularity of Unreal Engine 4 which allows us to integrate entire levels in VRLD. There is no need now to download games in advance and start them separately; you can move to battlefields, boundless space, a fantasy forest, as if you are visiting Disneyland. If you develop apps and interfaces for VR, you can add them to our platform when they are issued, as long as no other place fits better for their successful distribution.

Links metaverse and real life


Mom, may I play BotVille after homework is done?

We believe that VR technologies will result in a new industrial revolution and not due to development in general, but thanks to the appearance of unique interfaces for carrying out technological processes. If people cut down on time they spend to drag their flash from one spot to another one and instead of useless games in social networks they will get a chance to fulfill their creative potential in scientific or industrial fields, then we believe the world will become a much better place. Even now everything tends to unite all devices under one network and we wish to design a unified interface for it. Based on the principles of gamification, work will get more exciting and interesting for the users, because they will have a high level of motivation, responsibility and knowledge.


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